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Happy Year of 2020 - new round and round

Posted 3 Jan 2020 at 01:30 UTC (updated 3 Jan 2020 at 01:42 UTC) by sye Share This

I am actively blogging at Quora.com

panasia ->
rustyk5 ->

etc etc... life is as good as IT gets...ah?

On WeChat -> CFEngine ... here it comes 2020 and beyond



running TrueBASIC apps on Mac machine - noted, posted 29 Sep 2020 at 17:19 UTC by xerox » (Observer)

TB for Mac and running TB apps on a Mac
Submitted by LRhodes on Wed, 02/10/2010 - 17:20.

Thanks for the kind words, Anne. As a long-time user of True Basic 2 for Mac I know how brilliant it was, and will forever hope for a worthy new implementation. (Indeed, had the old code not been lost, I was going to try a direct cross-assembler translation into x86 of the 2.72 runtime, with manual substitution of OS calls.)

For Tom Rose: despite Tom M's statement, no True Basic program or application will run directly in Mac OS X, 10.0 through 10.6+. True Basic for Macintosh programs will run under Mac OS 9 and earlier (back to System 6 for TB 2), including the Classic environment provided in Mac OS X, 10.0 through 10.4.11, but only on PowerPC Macs, not Intel-based Macs. (TB 2 uses an ever earlier instruction set for the Motorola 68000, and will run on the oldest Macs up through the PowerPC ones.)

Even if you have an old enough Mac, bound TB programs use a different runtime for Mac and Windows and so are not cross-platform, like the True Basic application itself. Text TB programs are generally cross-platform if they avoid certain special functions and endian-dependent code.

However, you can run True Basic 5 for Windows, including any programs bound by it, on a Mac if the Mac is running the Windows operating system (no surprise, because then it's a Windows machine). Any Intel-based Mac can run Windows XP SP2 or maybe later if you install a copy of Windows using Boot Camp (comes with the Mac). Intel Macs can also run Windows using virtualization software such as Parallels, Fusion, or VirtualBox. Finally, True Basic 5 for Windows will run inside the Mac program Crossover Mac, which is a WINE-based Windows API emulator and does not require a copy of Windows. I haven't tried this personally yet, but both True Basic and Codeweavers claim it works.

For the more ambitious, including those dedicated to the unmatched True Basic version 2.72, there are freeware instruction set emulators for Intel Macs (and PCs) which allow running earlier versions of the Mac OS: Sheepshaver for PowerPC (Mac OS 7.53 through 9.04) and Basilisk II for 68K (System 6 through OS 8.1). They're nowhere near as easy, convenient, or stable as the Classic environment though.

Good luck. It's a pity the supposedly cross-platform development framework chosen for True Basic 5 didn't update to Carbon (OS X's easy migration path for OS 9 applications), because Carbon programs still run fine in the latest version of Mac OS X, and us Mac True Basic fans would be doing a lot less moaning.

Charles H. / Min / Eric Moore - , posted 29 Sep 2020 at 18:21 UTC by sye » (Apprentice)


How are they doing?

I am installing 32-bit Windows unto Oracle VirtualBox 6.1 running on Mac OSX HighSierra - these two eventful things happened today, Tue. Sep29th, 2020. Windows 10 32-bit ISO takes up 3.5G, currently downloading on a 1M/sec. network link... ( note2self...)

(null), posted 30 Apr 2021 at 17:49 UTC by sye » (Apprentice)

Body politics, ah?

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