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Mad March - remembrance of Bro. Mike - 1'n Only

Posted 11 Mar 2021 at 14:07 UTC (updated 11 Mar 2021 at 14:25 UTC) by sye Share This

It is my luck to have known Mike and benefitted from his numerous writings on K5. Rest In Peace and may all of your good deeds everlasting in people's memory. - s.ye
Mike's K5 post, circa 2003

#last-meotry entry was August 2019. Feel free to 'extend' here. cheerio!

Michael David Crawford
FEBRUARY 24, 1964 – MARCH 24, 2019
Michael David Crawford, age 55, died March 24, 2019, in Vancouver, WA. He was born in Spokane, WA, February 24, 1964, at the Deaconess Hospital to Patricia (Speelmon) and Charles Russell (Russ) Crawford. He joined his older sister Bonnie Jean.

source: https://www.dignitymemorial.com/obituaries/spokane-wa/michael-crawford-8232299

* https://www.npr.org/2021/03/09/975304605/inside-the-right-to-die-movement

As his father was in the US Navy the family lived in various towns in California, including San Diego, Chula Vista, Imperial Beach, Concord and Nevada City and also in Formia, Italy, where his father was stationed on the USS Springfield, the US Navy’s 6th fleet flagship, which was anchored off Gaeta. He was a Cub Scout and Boy Scout. He attended schools in Nevada City, CA, Gaeta, Italy, Concord, Calif., Moscow, ID and graduated from Armijo High School, Fairfield, CA, June 1982 where he was a student leader and honor student. While in high school he was active in drama department of both Armijo and Fairfield High Schools as an actor and the designer/builder of sets. He attended the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA, and graduated from the University of California Santa Cruz with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Physics. His senior year at UCSC he spent several weeks doing his senior thesis at CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research) in Geneva, Switzerland.

Most of his professional life he was employed in the computer industry mainly with firms in Santa Cruz and the Silicon Valley. At times he was self employed as a computer programmer and software engineer.

Brandt Pettersen
April 3, 2019

You were a Great Friend and Wonderful Person. Rest in Peace My Friend.

Edward Lockhart
April 2, 2019

You will be missed. You were a great friend and classmate. Rest in Peace.....

Jesus Lopez
March 31, 2019

Thanks for writing about your problems, that helped many.

He was preceded in death by his father, maternal grandparents Florence Stevens Speelmon Swope, E. Rex Speelmon, MD and his step grandfather Howard Swope; and his paternal grandparents Mabel (Gilstrap) Crawford and Herbert Charles Crawford.

He is survived by his mother Patricia, Spokane, his sister and brother-in-law Jean and Stan (Scotty) Evans, Moscow, ID, his maternal aunt Peggy Speelmon, Spokane, paternal uncle Ben (Julie) Crawford, Santa Barbara, CA and several Crawford cousins in Arizona and California, and his precious cat Lyra.

He is interred at Greenwood Memorial Terrace, Spokane next to his maternal grandparents.

Memorials may be made to the Spokane Symphony Associates P.O. Box 365, Spokane, WA 99210 or SCRAPS 6815 E. Trent, Spokane Valley. WA 99212

Murray Sims
August 13, 2019

I first met Mike when he became my roommate at Porter College, UCSC in 1985. We were in many Physics classes together and spent a lot of time helping each other with our homework problems. I tutored Mike in calculus in 85. We talked about physics and astronomy, went on trips together like a trip down to Big Bear for a Star Party of Amateur Astronomers. Mike was a great friend and a gentle soul. He was very compassionate about homeless and people struggling with mental illness. It was Mike getting into Grad School without having yet earned his Bachelor's degree that caused me to return to school and finish my degree. Mike helped so many people in so many ways...he was very bright and very special. I am but one of many people who will always miss him.
Rest Easy Mike,

Beth-ann Stempien
April 11, 2019

I got to know Mike over the course of the last three years while working as a waitress at a diner he frequented. He immediately struck me as a gentle and brilliant soul, and what I came to learn about him, and from him, through our interactions served to support that impression. I can only imagine he brought the same light to the lives of everyone he touched. He will be missed.

Claire Cepeda Kelley
April 7, 2019

Thank you Michael for your kindness back at Armijo High and during these past months of our recent contacts. You have always had a brilliant insightful mind. You have taught me a lot. I especially have been moved by your compassion for others. R IP my friend. Love, Claire.

Thomas Leavitt
April 5, 2019

Mike convinced me to join him on a trip to Burning Man in 1995. The result was an indelible memory, one of the best experiences of my life. I'll be forever appreciative of that. The world has lost a brilliant coder, a top notch writer, and a kind and selfless soul. The light of the world dimmed a little when he passed on.

Norman King
April 4, 2019

Rest in peace Mike, you earned it. You taught me a lot in life over the Internet. I am sad for your passing.

United Fools
April 3, 2019

Rest in Peace, the Smart One. Thanks for all your writings and sharing. You will be missed.

Orion Blastar
April 3, 2019

Thanks for your writings and words of advice. My condolences to your family.

Patricia Deeley
April 3, 2019

You are so missed.

sue ye
April 3, 2019

source: http://miniyuan.com/simple/?t815.html, posted 25 Mar 2021 at 19:39 UTC by xerox » (Observer)

木朵 2012-02-06 20:23

  我的一部诗作题为《幸福鬼魂手记》。这并不矛盾,幸福,属于能突破生命限定的人,或者说,有能力成为自己鬼魂的人。他的专业,是在自己身上考古,且一次次亲历发现的震撼。西安秦始皇兵马俑坑边,我曾目睹大地掀开一角,一个死亡世界如此近如此触目,却又被遗忘得如此彻底。一次又一次,我为世界对屠杀的震惊而震惊,此前那么多号称深刻的死亡记忆哪去了?海外漂流中,我用每天体验尽头,而尽头本身无尽。一生的内心之旅,听诗歌这只埙演奏:“大海 锋利得把你毁灭成现在的你”,再深些:“这是从岸边眺望自己出海之处”。


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but why can't I add these text to Article10 here? puzzling still...

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