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Posted 31 Jul 2017 at 16:48 UTC (updated 28 Aug 2017 at 20:28 UTC) by robogato Share This


" I just switched http://advogato.org to redirect to the Internet Archive. Thanks all who participated! "
11:13 AM - 20 Jul 2017

Thank you!

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Face Work

As the wind shifts, habitual states of mind
are gradually written in muscle and skin,
though not as irreversibly as the years.
Or so I hoped on seeing a lived-in face
with an open, mobile but unevasive
weather-filled gaze, quite unlike the slitty peer
that locks onto objects of fear and envy.
Only sort of childlike, because in those eyes
the world was not one big object of wonder
but the intricate mother of all puzzles
riddled with durable gaps to glory in.
Below, the mere ghost of a serious smile
inspired short-lived micro-resolutions:

unclamp your lips; unset your jaw; recover
lost adolescent lower-face positions:
mouth hanging open and bottom lip bitten.
By betraying what you have come to expect
of the world with its roses and gobs of spit,
the face that mirrors mask, that you can only
see in another, is making things happen.
The open may still be deep in it somewhere.

yum installed groups on marxist.cc, posted 15 Sep 2017 at 14:22 UTC by sye » (Apprentice)

CentOS 6:
Installed Groups:

Additional Development
CIFS file server
Console internet tools
Directory Client
Directory Server
E-mail server
Legacy UNIX compatibility
MySQL Database client
MySQL Database server
Network Infrastructure Server
Network file system client
Networking Tools
PHP Support
Perl Support
SNMP Support
Security Tools
System administration tools
Web Server

service mark of KURO5HIN - , posted 27 Oct 2017 at 18:50 UTC by new » (Observer)

thanks to blastar.org for finding the dossiur - new oct 27,2018

pending translation for submission, posted 11 Jan 2019 at 16:00 UTC by xerox » (Observer)

清华1984 301三剑客 外加一格格: 1989-1991 实习回忆点滴

我有一张发黄的集体照,跟着我兜游世界。话说一九八九年形势大好(亦或是有点乱 之前),我和同班同学付长青 作为保留研究生资格的‘散兵’ 被分派到三〇一医院的计算中心实习两年。照片中,一同被分派的还有陈向军、李广春(自动化系)、金颂(无线电)、付长青和我(工物)。 无影无踪的还有 刘洪波(计算机系83) 和 赵芳启。 当年,我们学生‘兵’ 在计算机中心主任 任连仲 和 他带领下的军届技术人员打成一片。这军民关系不比上海解决战争我母亲作学生兵的时候差!当时的我 一头扎进 军级长官 王桂雁 交授的 厚厚一本图像处理识别的Fortran library 手册。My closest ally in our sub-unit was 陈向军, 个高人帅,北京人,最受军属大姐们的青睐。每月给他介绍女朋友的人选大约不下一整排的编制。因为我已在清华男友们的围歼下,不敢对他再起多心。所以我们纯同事的友情更提高了我作为异性的参谋价值!

我和陈向军的联手任务是探索是否能把西门子公司的图像处理器程序移值到PC上使用。至今,我个人以为 我所属的科研小组的儀器設備在当年的国内是最大拿、最先进的。德国产西门子公司的这台图像处理系统,前端可联顯微鏡。医务人员的切片可直接做输入,然后我们用图像处理程序庫进行分析。

I am most impressed with automatic chromosome analysis. And it is the most popular ‘job/task’ to schedule for machine time/usage among a waiting list of many graduate medical students. In the back end, there’s a LOT of mathematical routines written in Fortran language and a concurrent array processing hardware unit. I believe we also had quite advanced statistical packages to treat sampling/control groups.

在我的同期实习生中,金颂 应该算是最有特性的人物了。
Among my fellow interns, 金颂 was a real character. He was quite good at programming in C and other computing challenges, such as how wide he can open his mouth and how high and deep within his voice, the sound from his 声带 can penetrate listener’s ear drum。I was unfortunately at the receiving end of his ‘world’ class tenor high -C in shortest range. I also learned that his full name was 爱新觉罗.启颂. I am not sure if that was the reason when he fell in love with a doctor from 高干病房,he was having trouble to get approval from the working unit of hers. But in the end, his sweetheart’s working unit relented and blessed their union as permissible by marriage act under law. For a while, I had the fortune to be named as 迁线人, but in fact, I had no idea until after the ‘official’ blessing. 我自己也和清华学长在他出国前 1990 年 匆匆登记结婚。1992 年 以H-4 身份到美国的Anchorage, Alaska. I was quite amiss of our 301 intern team’s common good old days of single mingling, hard work and great play in a somewhat free and protective shield welded by our superiors in Beijing. In Alaska, I volunteered in the providence hospital two days a week under guidance of a Taiwanese radiologist, Dr. Cheung. My life in Russia’s back yard Anchorage Alaska, 此乃后话,有空另作文章。

在三〇一实习期间,我的终身遗憾是没有抓住唯一的一次 能“俯首甘為孺子牛” 的良机。任连仲主任对我们清华的实习生甚是呵護。我们也以室为家,任务紧常加班加点,作息时间表比正规军更有弹性。一次我晚了一个时辰,看见楼里有戴白手套的警卫。一直待修的电梯也运转开了。正著麼着,组里的田晓玲说:晚了吧?你刚错过了小平同志的大駕光臨。我当时倒不再意,只是心想不知道哪位清兵多占了我的福份。多年后我发觉无论我如何尽心尽意完成指派的任务,工作的结局多滯留在“横眉冷对千夫指”的水平,这怕也是冥冥之中自有安排的运道。


January 10th, 2019
S. Ye at West Trenton, NJ USA
“ Trenton makes, world takes, on my watch”

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