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Advogato now has an XML-RPC interface available at the URL http://v2dev.p2b.tv/XMLRPC. To test it, try calling one of the test functions below. If you are using Python2.7, for example, try the following:

>>> import xmlrpclib  
>>> #server = xmlrpclib.Server("http://v2dev.p2b.tv/XMLRPC")
>>> #server.test.sumprod(5, 7)

It should return [12, 35].

#python3 import xmlrpc.server Read the Freaking Manual from here ! , then proceed at your own risks, ah? cheers! -s.ye


string cookie = authenticate(string user, string pass)
Returns a cookie which is used as the first argument to all methods requiring authentication.

Diary manipulation

int length = diary.len(string user)
Return the number of entries in a diary.
string html = diary.get(string user, int index)
Return a diary entry. The index is zero-based, so if diary.len() returns 2 then valid indices are 0 and 1.
date created, date updated = diary.getDates(string user, int index)
Return the creation and last updated dates of a diary entry. If the entry has not been updated then the updated date will be the same as the creation date.
diary.set(string cookie, int index, string html)
Set a diary entry. Use -1 as the index to post a new entry, although the value returned by diary.len() is also acceptable.

Test functions

string s, int i = test.guess()
Guess a number
int result = test.square(int x)
Square a number
int sum, int product = test.sumprod(int x, int y)
Return the sum and product of a pair of numbers
int len = test.strlen(string s)
Return the length of a string
string s = test.capitalize(string s)
Capitalize a string
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