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Nat Rochester, a direct descendant from Col. Nathaniel Rochester ( 1752 - 1831) was a chief architect of IBM's development on symbolic assembly language programming.
Graduated from MIT in 1941, he later worked at MIT's Radiation Laboratory, 1941-1943; Sylvania Electric Products, 1943-1948, engineering manager, 700 series, 1954-1959; director, Experimental Machine Research, till 1991. He became an IBM fellow in 1967.

He is most famously known as a pioneer in an emerging field of computing , sponsored a Dartmouth research workshop on artificial intelligence in the summer of 1956 and published a paper with other co-athors, namely Shannon, Minsky, McCarthy et al.

He was married to Louise Kelley (Pape) Rochester in 1973 and settled in Kelley's family home in Duxbury, MASSACHUSETTS.

In June 2001, a terse and error- free obitary reads : " Nathaniel Nat Rochester who helped design IBM's first scientific computer the 701 and the company's first general-purpose computer the 702 died Friday of Alzheimer's disease. He was 82. Rochester also managed the design and construction of radar sets for the U.S. Navy and the Royal Air Force"

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