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27 Jan 2022 sye   » (Apprentice)

William Blake - Poet
Post by: maidmarion111 on Thursday 23 August 07 05:13 BST (UK)
It has been passed down the generations that we are related to the poet William Blake. Because neither William or any of his siblings had any children it is hard to find out about any family trees that are connected. My ancestors must have been cousins. My GGGrandmother Harriett Rebecca Blake was born in Gt Bardfield Essex in 1787. The only thing I know about her father is his name was John and
He was a follower of Wesley and licensed his Blake (or Baker )office at Gt
Bardfield for religious worship.Here the Wesleyan Methodist preachers
resided much to the discomfiture of the inhabitants of Great Bardfield who
formed a committee to persecute these preachers and not being able to effect
their removal created a riot. The preachers the preachers were assaulted and
other acts of violence were committed by the rioters who were subsequently
tried at the Great Bardfield assizes held in the month of May 1779 found
guilty and sentenced
So strong did public feeling run against Mr Blake that he found it
impossible to continue his residence in Bardfield and removed to London
where he resided many years
Harrriett was married in St Mary's Church Lambeth, Surrey on th 5th January 1809, to my GGGGrandfather Edward Fleming, so I presume that is where the family lived. I believe her mother was Elizabeth, as the wedding was in the presence of John & Elizabeth Blake. I wonder if her parents graves may be in the church yard at St Mary's Lambeth and that may give me some more info about them. She had at least two brothers, John Barnabas born Thaxsted Essex 1783 and Barnabas Benjamin born Thaxsted Essex about 1785. She also had at least one sister Sarah who was living in 4 Vaughan Place Old Kent Road Surrey as a widow in 1851 and her surname ended in ....wood (this info from Harriett's will) Harriett died on 19 March 1852 and was buried in the Fleming family vault at West Ham in Essex. Sarah may also have been married at St Mary's Church Lambeth?? Can anyone help me through the brick wall. Thanks Marion N.Z.

19 Jan 2022 xerox   » (Observer)

7 Apr 2021 crackozark   » (Observer)

core2.phl1.he.net> show ipv6 bgp summary
BGP4 Summary
Local AS Number: 6939
Confederation Peers:
Number of Neighbors Configured: 25, UP: 22
Number of Routes Installed: 224238, Uses 35205366 bytes
Number of Routes Advertising to All Neighbors: 1402880 (442711 entries), Uses 33646036 bytes
Number of Attribute Entries Installed: 123906, Uses 23666046 bytes
d: Dynamically created based on a listen range command
Dynamically created neighbors: 0/100(max)
A: Auto Discovered Neighbors using LLDP
Auto Neighbors Count: 0
'*': Update Policy 'c': Group change 'p': Group change Pending
'r': Restarting 's': Stale '^': Up before Restart '<': EOR waiting
'$': Learning-Phase (for Delayed Route Calculation)
2001:470:1:280::2 398466 CONN 22d12h53m 0 0 0 110954
2001:470:1:311::2 7784 ESTAB 22d12h52m 7 0 110949 0
2001:470:1:56c::2 20413 ESTAB 22d12h52m 1 0 110953 0
2001:470:1:6ba::2 26801 ESTAB 22d12h52m 37 0 110918 0
2001:470:1:9de::2 27228 ESTAB 22d12h52m 1 0 1 0
2001:470:1:aad::2 53285 CONN 22d12h53m 0 0 0 0
2001:470:1:c66::2 17090 CONN 22d12h53m 0 0 0 0
46 ESTAB 22d12h52m 1 0 110953 0
2001:504:90::1 54033 ESTAB 22d12h52m 8 5 36479 0
2001:504:90::2 54033 ESTAB 22d12h52m 8 5 36479 0
2001:504:90::5 29848 ESTAB 2d0h54m 1 0 36479 0
2001:504:90::7 16509 ESTAB 22d12h52m 254 0 0 0
2001:504:90::8 16509 ESTAB 22d12h52m 254 0 0 0
2001:504:90::9 26415 ESTAB 22d12h52m 2 0 36479 0
2001:504:90::10 14877 ESTAB 5d3h55m 13 2 36479 0
2001:504:90::11 46 ESTAB 22d12h52m 1 0 110954 0
2001:504:90::12 46450 ESTAB 22d12h52m 16 0 110942 0
2001:504:90::21 20940 ESTAB 22d12h52m 4 0 36479 0
2001:504:90::23 27228 ESTAB 22d12h52m 1 0 110954 0
2001:504:90::25 15133 ESTAB 22d12h52m 16 0 36479 0
2001:504:90::128 54033 ESTAB 22d12h52m 0 0 36479 0
# Entry cached for another 60 seconds.

18 Oct 2020 badvogato   » (Master)

xerox, when you have a chance, would you get on via API to update/ transcribe your last post ( let's see ) ? Thanks... or recompile our source for butt-hurt people? tada... this instance admin modulular function is NOT remembered by 1... and only ME.

17 Apr 2020 robogato   » (Master)

Ron Economos (w6rz@comcast.net)

19 Jan 2020 4sunbury   » (Observer)

The beggar's song

translated by Mike R. Burch, orginal Rainier

Rainer Maria Rilke translated by Michael Burch

I live outside your gates,

exposed to the rain, exposed to the sun;

sometimes I’ll cradle my right ear

in my right palm;

then when I speak my voice sounds strange,

alien . . .

I’m unsure whose voice I’m hearing:

mine or yours.

I implore a trifle;

the poets cry for more.

Sometimes I cover both eyes

and my face disappears;

there it lies heavy in my hands

looking peaceful, unafraid,

so that no one would ever think

I have no place to lay my head.

Michael R. Burch’s poems and translations have appeared in hundreds of literary journals. He also edits www.thehypertexts.com and has served as guest editor of international poetry and translations for Better Than Starbucks.

24 Sep 2019 demo   » (Apprentice)

Read Stephen Dowell's answer to What is the biggest missed opportunity yet in the video game industry? on Quora

19 Sep 2019 iTV   » (Observer)

https://www.saatchiart.com/satoshin - C'est moi!

11 Sep 2019 advogato   » (Master)

Read Mikko Rivio (中不聪 非一休)'s answer to Which of the top 10 cryptocoins by market cap.: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, EOS, BNB, BSV, USDT and XLM do you think do or don't deserve their position and why? on Quora

17 Jul 2019 new   » (Observer)

微信世界里的不平等条约- 应投稿及之前多次遭清华校友群主的弹剋而引发的思考

个人与组织/社群的关系到底该如何处置? 美国口语中有"pet peeve: something that a particular person finds especially annoying." 对本孤家寡人而言, 某些微信群主要求成员必须上报实名、实地、实业 是最明摆的軟弱无能。群主以身相许的 “实”能否让我辈之 徒有“虚”名的人自生慚愧呢?这当然是公说公的道,婆自有婆的理。这回本寡人还意想天开的要图个名,投份稿件到 清华大学1984级征文项目组。写稿自然是自得其勇,分享给蜜友更是其乐无穷。交稿审批问题就来了。我就觉得和征文项目组 直接对话非常撇妞。当然这名为“征文” 姓为“项目组”的 意见多是替我的文字 替广大读者着想。既然我露了真身,为何不能企望 有个当小差的也能将其尊名写在大衙門的大名之后呢?

无非,让异想天开由寡人独占 实有不公之嫌啊,对不

21 Sep 2015 guest   » (Observer)

Hello World... Close the door behind you, pretty please?

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